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Jean-Claude Golvin, from architectural reconstruction to comic books

Jean-Claude Golvin is an architect and researcher, Emeritus research director at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and specialist in visual reconstruction of ancient cities. His reconstructions are well-known to the general public, thanks to books such as Voyage en Gaule Romaine (“Travel to Roman Gaul”, in collaboration with Georges Coulon, 2002) or, most recently, Hérode, le roi architecte (“Herod, the architect king”, in collaboration with Jean-Michel Roddaz, 2014), as well as his watercolors, which have been  exhibited in […]

07 Sep 2015

Jean-Claude Golvin or the art of reconstruction

CNRS – Le journal – 07.09.2015, byMorgane Gibert. Architect and archaeologist Jean-Claude Golvin created a watercolor drawing of Emperor Tiberius’ villa Jovis (42 BC – 37 AD). This researcher’s career perfectly illustrates its various aspects, from in situ data collection – for instance during archaeological excavations in Egypt, particularly in Karnak – to reconstructions, which take the form of books and exhibitions on ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cities or monuments. Read the article : Jean-Claude Golvin ou l’art de la restitution © CNRS […]

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