The animated watercolors of J-C Golvin!

Animated film « A stroll in Nemausus »

As a part of its application for inclusion on UNESCO's World Heritage list, the city of Nîmes gives us the opportunity to take « A Stroll in Nemausus ». This 10 min long animated film reconstructs the ancient city in the second century AD. Created using archaeological data, the film gathers and interprets current scientific knowledge and research findings. The pictures reconstruct lost monuments (Arc de Triomphe, Porte de Cadereau, Theater, Sanctuaire de la Source) and place the monuments which are still standing in their original urban context.

This makes current scientific knowledge on the ancient city more accessible to the general public. Computer animated images and magnificent watercolors by Jean-Claude Golvin immerse us in a three-dimensional experience of Nîmes in the time of the Romans. A must-see, wearing gladiator sandals!

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